If you wish to apply for a Federal Work-Study and meet the  eligibility standards, please follow this application procedure:

  1. Identify a position you are interested in on the Job Postings page. Each posting will provide the following information about each position:
    1. The name and address of the prospective employer
    2. The purpose of the job
    3. Student's duties and responsibilities
    4. Job qualifications
    5. Hourly wage rate
    6. Length of employment
    7. Name and contact number of the FWS job supervisor
  2. Contact the FWS job supervisor to schedule an interview.
  3. If hired as a Work-Study student for the first time, you are required to complete standard forms for the College's Payroll Department. Please print, complete, sign, and submit these forms to the Financial Aid Office. NOTE: If you participated in the Work-Study program last year, you are not required to complete these forms.
  4. When you have submitted all of the required forms in Step 3, the Financial Aid Office will send a Work-Study contract to your Job Supervisor. The contract indicates your maximum FWS award for each semester you are hired. You and your Job Supervisor will sign the contract and return it to the Financial Aid Office. Several days later, you will receive a copy of this contract for your records.

NOTE: Jobs are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

IMPORTANT: Please submit your required forms as soon as possible to the Financial Aid Office. You will not get paid until all of these documents and the signed contract have been submitted to the Financial Office and forwarded to the Payroll Department.

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