Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a week can I work? 
There is no maximum amount of hours a student can work. You can also work during spring vacation break when there are no classes being held. 

Do I have to sign a Work-Study contract if hired? 
No, you do not. Your contract outlines your rights and responsibilities as a work-study student. It also shows the maximum amount you can earn each semester. At the time you sign your contract, you will also be required to read and sign "10 Things I Should Know About Federal Work-Study," which outlines the most important responsibilities of being a Work-Study student at NSCC. 

How much money can I earn? 
You can earn up to the maximum work-study award for each semester indicated on your contract. You are paid for every hour you work. The hourly rate ranges from $10.00 to $11.00. The rate depends on the type of job and level of responsibility. 

How is my FWS maximum award determined each semester? 
The Office of Student Financial Services determines the maximum amount of work-study you can earn each semester (this amount appears on your contract). This amount depends on a number of different factors, which include:

  • The college's annual Work-Study funding allotment from the U.S. Department of Education
  • The anticipated number of students who wish to participate in Work-Study
  • The number of hours per week you are expected to work
  • Your hourly rate

What happens if I leave my work-study job and don't use up my FWS award? 
The amount shown on your contract is a maximum only. If you leave your work-study position for any reason (and have not earned the maximum amount as noted on your contract), that money is automatically put back in the college's work-study allocation. In other words, you are NOT guaranteed the remaining money on your contract if you wish to change work-study jobs. 

Can I work for two or more FWS jobs at the same time? 
No, you can only work for one FWS supervisor/department at a time (in other words, you can only hold one FWS contract at a time). 

What do I do if I want to leave my FWS job? 
If you wish to leave your FWS position for whatever reason, you are required to first inform you FWS supervisor. You should also inform the Work-Study office (Office of Student Financial Services) of your departure. 

I want to work during the summer (from July 1 through the beginning of classes in September). How do I qualify for summer FWS? 
The same eligibility requirements apply with these exceptions:

  1. You do not need to be taking classes during the summer.
  2. You must be pre-registered in at least six credits for the upcoming semester.

I have questions about how I am being paid. Who should I contact? 
Contact your FWS Job Supervisor or Tammy Nguyen in the College's Payroll Department (please do not contact the Office of Student Financial Services since the staff is not involved in issuing paychecks). The Payroll Department can answer the following types of questions:

  1. When should I expect my next paycheck?
  2. I haven't been paid, where is my paycheck?
  3. I think the amount on my paycheck is incorrect.
  4. How much Work-Study money do I have left on my contract?
  5. I wish to switch to Direct Deposit, what do I do?

I am a salaried employee at NSCC and also enrolled in classes. Can I also qualify for Federal Work-Study?
No. If you are already a salaried employee of the college, you cannot receive Work-Study funding at the same time. 

I am students who are seeking an Associate’s degree but already have a Bachelor’s degree am I eligible for Federal Work-Study? 
Yes, you must meet all the financial aid requirements to qualify for Federal Work Study. Please review “Do I Qualify” section on our website. 

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