Required Forms

All students who have been hired through work-study for the first time during this academic year are required to complete and submit ALL of the EIGHT forms below. 

Important: If you have any questions regarding how to complete any of these forms, please contact: 
Katelyn Ma
Academic Counselor/Work Study Coordinator 
Phone: 987-762-4000 extension 4362 

Once all forms are completed, please submit to: 

Attn: Katelyn Ma, DH-260
Student Financial Services 
North Shore Community College 
One Ferncroft Road
Danvers, MA 01923

(Or, submit in person to the Office of Student Financial Services at either campus. Please indicate somewhere on paperwork: Attention - Work-Study)

Required Work-Study Forms Instructions for Student/Employer.
W-4 Form Student: complete and sign first page.
M-4 (State Withholding) Student: complete and sign first page.
Personal Data Form Student: answer all questions on this form and sign/date on bottom.
Employment Eligibility (I-9) Student: complete and sign Section 1.

Work-study supervisor/employer: Read, complete and sign Section 2. (It is your responsibility to attach a clear copy of the student's document to this form.)
Employment Eligibility (I-9) Instructions Instructions for completing the Employment Eligibility (I-9) form.
Direct Deposit Form (strongly recommended) It is strongly recommended to have your work-study pay deposited directly to your checking or savings account. Any questions please contact our payroll office.
Confidentiality Statement Student: read, sign and date.
Things I Should Know Student: read, sign and date.
Copy of Social Security Card Make sure it is signed (you may submit a copy of your valid or invalid U.S. passport instead of your social security card and photo ID).
Copy of Photo ID This can be either a valid driver’s license, school ID, or any ID card issued by federal, state or local government.
Family Disclosure If you have family members who are state employees use this form to record their names.


Important! Please make sure that you have attached a clear copy of a photo ID (e.g., driver's license or school ID) AND your social security card.

For more information, contact us at 987-762-4189 or 781-477-2191 or

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