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Although on-campus services are currently restricted due to COVID-19, TRIO is still here for you! Our TRIO staff is available during our regular office hours via phone, text, email, or video chat for all advising and tutoring services - from the comfort of your own home! 

Staff hours and contact information



TRIO/Student Support Services is a federally-funded program that provides personalized academic advising and encouragement to students who are low-income, or first generation to college (neither parent graduated from 4-Year College), or individuals who have a documented disability. 

TRIO helps students overcome the obstacles that can often derail students whose families are unable to provide the financial support or academic guidance they need. TRIO assigns each student an academic counselor who will help guide them throughout their academic career at NSCC. Their counselor will work with them to develop a plan for academic success that, if they work hard and stay on track, will lead to graduation and continued success at a 4-year college or their chosen career. 

For many students, TRIO becomes their second family. Students support each other through peer tutoring and study groups, and develop lasting friendships. 

Goals for Students

  • To develop a personalized program for college success
  • To build self-confidence & leadership ability
  • To develop & improve problem-solving, critical thinking, & study skills
  • To broaden cultural experiences
  • To foster peer relationships
  • To develop positive attitudes towards learning
  • To participate in opportunities that will assist with resume-building
  • To graduate from NSCC
  • To transfer into a bachelor's degree program


Services and Benefits

TRIO students are typically very active at NSCC & beyond, involved in Student Life activities & community service. Our students appreciate the one-on-one specialized attention & care they receive from the TRIO team, which strengthens their academic skills for college success.

TRIO students have access to a professional staff focused on achieving the students' educational & vocational goals. Program benefits & services include:

  • Supportive team environment
  • Academic advising & personal support
  • Free, individual tutoring
  • Career planning
  • College transfer assistance
  • Financial aid information & scholarship search assistance
  • Study Skills seminars
  • Cultural activities
  • Community service opportunities


Center Hours

Danvers Campus
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm 
Room: DB-104
Phone: 978-739-5439

Lynn Campus
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm 
Room: LW-165
Phone: 781-593-6722  extension 6626

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