ATI TEAS Version 7
Fall 2024 Admissions

TEAS tests for all programs must be taken in person at an authorized Test Center. At this time, there is no remote option.

TEAS is a computerized test composed of multiple-choice questions organized into four sections, which measure reading, mathematics skills, science and English grammar. The test takes about 4 hours to complete and is offered on the Danvers or Lynn campus. 

A government issued photo ID and your ATI username and password are required for testing.

Section # of Questions Time Allowed Topics Covered
Reading 45 55 minutes Key Ideas, Craft, Knowledge of Ideas.
Mathematical Skills 38 57 minutes Numbers and Algebra, Measurement and Data.
Science 50 60 minutes A&P, Biology, Chemistry, Scientific Reasoning
English and Language Usage 37 37 minutes English conventions, Knowledge of Language, Using vocab to express ideas.


The ATI TEAS version 7 Study Manual and online practice tests are available at The book is also available in the NSCC libraries or online through the NSCC bookstore NSCC also offers non-credit prep courses for the ATI TEAS test. For more information, call Corporate and Professional Education at (978) 236-1200.



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