12 silhouettes of women's heads around a illustration of a uterus with "We're Not There Yet: Still fighting sexism and misogyny in the U.S." over it with a ghosted background of barbed wire.

48th Forum On Tolerance
We're not there yet:
Still Fighting Sexism and Misogyny in the U.S.: PART 1
October 27th, 2022

This past year, women’s rights in the U.S. have slid backward, most notably with the overturning of Roe versus Wade. In this forum, we will explore what that means for women’s autonomy over their own bodies and how this ruling  impacts all of us.

Please join Professor Wanda Pothier-Hill, Dr. Kara Kaufman, Dr. Jennifer Harris, and Dr. Laurie Carlson for a viewing of short documentaries and a panel discussion about the current status of gender equality in the U.S. 

video still of four panelists at table with male questioner in foreground.

Link to SNL video referenced in discussion.

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