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Listed below are frequently asked questions about the Tutoring Center. Have a question related to tutoring that isn't answered below? Please send an e-mail to tutoring@northshore.edu.

Where are the Tutoring Centers located?

The Tutoring Centers are located in Lynn in room LE-232, and in Danvers in a new location, room DS-105 in the Math and Science Building. 

What does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is free to NSCC students registered for at least one class. 

Who are the tutors?

Professional and Peer Tutors staff Tutoring Centers 

In what subjects can I get tutoring?

Subjects tutored include but are not limited to Math, Science, Business and Writing. . Organizational and study skill assistance and pointers are also available. Check with the Centers to see if they can help you in any subject area. 

Do I need an appointment?

No, the Tutoring Centers are a walk-in service. 

What should I bring?

Students should bring assignments, syllabi, tests/quizzes, notebooks and texts when they come. 

Are there study groups?

Study groups often develop at the Tutoring Centers and if students are interested in forming a study group, then the tutor coordinators will assist in the process. There are Study Skills Workshops available at all the campuses. 

What if I need accommodations in using the computer?

The Assistive Lab has software applications and equipment for students with disabilities. 

How does one become a Peer Tutor?

Get details about applying by emailing us at tutoring@northshore.edu. Our peer tutor training program has been certified by CRLA. 


Danvers Tutoring Center 
Room: DS-105 
Phone: 978-762-4000 extension 4387 

Lynn Tutoring Center 
Room: LE-232 
Phone: 781-593-6722 extension 2187 

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