The North Shore Community College Campus Police Department is the college agency responsible for responding to complaints, reports of criminal activity, crimes in progress, calls for medical assistance and other emergencies.

The Campus Police Department maintains central control station is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as well as officers on patrol to encourage accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes. Calls for emergencies as well as routine assistance are to be directed to the central control station.

To initiate an emergency response, call extension 6222 from any College telephone or lift the hand set of any red "hot phone" found on the wall in public areas; for routine assistance call extension 6209; or from outside the College call 781-593-7032. You will find these telephone numbers posted on most College telephones in the form of a red sticker titled CAMPUS POLICE EMERGENCY and in all College telephone directories.

College faculty and staff also stand ready to assist you in reporting criminal offenses to the Campus Police Department.

In our parking lots and exterior public areas you will find emergency call box stations that report directly to the Campus Police central control station.

In addition to Campus Police Officers on patrol faculty and staff are also prepared to receive requests for assistance and initiate the appropriate emergency response.

The central control station, upon receiving a call for service, will radio dispatch the nearest officer(s) who respond with assistance. They will investigate crimes or complaints, and take appropriate action. Further, the central control station facilitates and coordinates the response of outside emergency providers such as the local police, fire, emergency medical service, and the facilities management staff for facilities related emergencies.

The Campus Police Department carefully investigates all criminal activity reported. We urge all members of the college community to promptly report any and all criminal activity. It is of particular importance the victims and witnesses of crimes understand that we recognize the need to protect there identify and maintain confidentially through out investigations. It is equally important that we keep the entire college community informed this is why we further encourage the confidential reporting of crimes by victims or witnesses personally or through college counselors, professors or staff. This information will be noted as a confidential report in statistical reporting.

The Campus Police Department has made all reasonable efforts to completely and accurately compile and disclose crime statistics to provide everyone with as clear an understanding of crime occurrence on and around our campuses.

NSCC shall make know to students, faculty, staff, and visitors crime events that present a imminent threat by means of web page posting, e-mail, bulletin, college news paper, public posting as well as any other appropriate means of publication available.

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