Parking - All parking spaces are clearly marked. Your vehicle must occupy only one space of the proper color. Parking in areas not having designated spaces, that are posted no parking, or otherwise restricted shall result in the issuance of a ticket or towing at the owners expense. Motorcycles and scooters must be parked in designated areas. 

Student Parking - Students who have properly registered their vehicle with the Campus Police Department and properly display an NSCC student decal may park in white lined spaces on all campuses. 

Employee Parking - Employees who have properly registered their vehicle with the Campus Police Department and properly display an NSCC full-time or part-time employee decal may park in yellow lined spaces on all campuses. 

Parking Decals - Parking decals may be obtained from the Campus Police Department at each campus location. Decals are issued free of charge, are accepted at all campuses, and are valid indefinitely. Individuals may be required to provide proof they are a student or an employee. 

Handicapped Parking - Handicapped parking is available at all campuses for persons with Registry of Motor Vehicles issued special plates or placards. 

Visitor Parking - Visitors may park in specially designated spaces or in white line spaces. 

Special Reserve Parking - Special reserve parking is available for guest speakers or anyone visiting the campus. A special parking permit must be obtained in advance by contacting the Campus Police Department. 

Disability Parking - Disability parking is available for persons with a temporary disability. Permits are issued one time for a maximum of 30 days and are intended to be temporary. To determine if you are eligible contact the Assistant Dean of Student Services. 

Motor Vehicles/Operators - All motor vehicles must be in good operating order registered, insured and inspected. All operators must be properly licensed. 

Speed - Vehicles must be operated at a speed that is reasonable and proper for the roadway and traffic conditions. At no time shall a speed in excess of 20 MPH be considered reasonable and proper. 

Overnight Parking - Campus Police must authorized vehicles parked over-night. 

NOTE: Campus Police - Officers may direct or restrict parking and/or traffic patterns as necessary.

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