Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships

Why can’t I get into the scholarship system with my MyNorthshore login & password?

If you are not able to login to the system, you are not presently meeting the criteria to earn a scholarship: 1) continuing student with 6 earned credits (from a prior term) and 2.5 GPA; 2) ESL student with 3 earned ESL credits from a prior term; 3) Adult Basic Education student working on a GED; 4) past or current graduate of NSCC.  If you feel you were omitted in error, please contact

What if I can't remember my email address or password? 

Please visit and click on the appropriate link on the right-hand side of your screen beneath the Need Help? header:  Recover your username or Reset your password.  Follow the instructions.

Who can complete the recommendation form for me?

Students may seek a recommendation from a current or past NSCC faculty or staff person, an employer or community mentor.  Don’t wait until the last minute to ask them! Here is some helpful information on asking for a recommendation:

How to Ask Your Professor for a Letter of Recommendation

How to Ask for a Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Seeking Your Scholarship Letter of Recommendation 

Will I have to write an essay?

All scholarships require a personal statement of no more than 250 words.  This is the prompt:

  • Please share a statement about any personal accomplishments, relevant financial information, and academic and career goals.

Some scholarships do require an essay, of fewer than 250 words.  Depending on which scholarships you qualify for, these are the possible essay topics:

  • Please describe your community service experience and what you learned from it

  • Please describe any leadership roles you have held in your school or community

  • Please describe a life-changing event

You may type the essay(s) directly into the text box, or paste text into the box if you copy from an external document.  You may find these links helpful:

Top 10 Tips for Writing Effective Scholarship Essays

Scholarship Essay Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out

How to Write an Essay for a School Scholarship

The Tutoring Center is also available if you need help with your essay.

How will I know which scholarships to apply for?

The scholarship system will automatically match you to scholarships based on the answers you provide in the application, and based on other data that the system has uploaded.  If you match with any scholarships that have additional requirements (essays), you will be informed as part of the scholarship application process.

Do I have to complete the entire application in one sitting?

You do not need to complete your application all at once.  The system will save your information after each login.  However, currently enrolled students must complete the application by March 31st.  We recommend you complete your application BEFORE March 31st, so that in the case of any issues there is time to resolve them before the system closes.   

I’ve finished my application, but it won’t let me submit.  What’s wrong?

All questions in each section of the application must be completed before submitting the application.  Students can see their progress in each section on the left-hand side of the application area, where a “status” is displayed (Not Started, In Progress, Completed).  When the status of each section is “Completed,” then the application may be submitted.

I think I’m qualified for a specific scholarship, so why isn’t it showing up in my “Applied Scholarship” list?

Applicants are automatically matched to scholarships based on a combination of the criteria for the scholarship, the answers provided by students on the application, and data automatically supplied to the system.  If you believe you should be considered for a scholarship, but it is not showing up as a match, please email at to request a review of your record.

How many scholarships may an applicant be awarded?

In most cases, selected applicants are awarded one scholarship, in order to provide scholarship assistance to as many applicants as possible. 

In what term will the scholarship award be applied?

Scholarships are for Fall 2021. 

For how many semesters does the scholarship apply?

Most scholarships are for one semester, but a few may be renewed, if renewal conditions are met.  These conditions are specific to each scholarship.  Recipients will be told if their scholarship is renewable.

When will I be notified if I won a scholarship?

Scholarship notifications for continuing students will be finalized in May.  New student scholarships will be announced a little later.

If I win a scholarship, are there any other requirements to fulfill?

Scholarship recipients are asked to write and submit “thank you” notes to the donor(s) who sponsor the scholarship awarded.  Scholarships that are awarded to graduated students for use at a transfer college will have follow-on conditions to allow for disbursement of funds.   In non-Covid times, NSCC also hosts an event to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors.  It is likely that the event will be virtual in the early Fall of 2021.

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