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lightbulb graphic  Students place less often into developmental education when they transition into higher education.
 triangle graphic Students accelerate their learning in a field of interest.
 book graphic Students gain a sense of belonging in higher education.
 calculator graphic Students earn early college credit at a reduced cost, making higher education attainment more affordable.
 graduation graphic Students tend to enroll full-time-in higher education and complete their degree at a higher rate.


Early College Students Graduate, Attend College at Higher Rates

Using the federal definition of four-year graduation: 90 PERCENT of early college students graduate high school vs. the national rate of 78 percent

Plus, it costs them less time and money to earn a postsecondary credential 94 PERCENT of early college graduates earn some college credit for free; The average grad earns 38 COLLEGE CREDITS, saving:

  • 30 percent off a Bachelor's degree; or
  • 60 percent off an Associate degree.

Nearly one-quarter of students actually earn degrees by the time they finish high school: 30 PERCENT of graduates at early colleges open 4+ years have earned an Associate or college certificate along with their high school diploma!

The next semester after graduation early college: 71 PERCENT of graduates enroll in college vs. the national rate of 68 percent.

SOURCE: Early College Design Service, Jobs for the Future

Background Research on Early College

Research shows that Early College contributes to improved access to higher education, accelerated degree progress, and long-term economic benefits for participating students. Several groups have explored the impact of early college programs:


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