School Certifying Officials

Certifying Officials process certification of beneficiaries of VA education benefits. Students should contact one of NSCC's Certifying Officials to turn in appropriate paperwork, ask questions about benefits.

Annmarie Paolucci
Veterans Services Coordinator / Certifying Official
Phone: 978-762-4187 (Phone / VM / Text)

Derek Brennan
Veterans Services Assistant / Certifying Official
Phone: 978-762-4249 (Phone / VM / Text)

Veterans Support

Cameron Nickless
Veterans Payments and Billing
Phone: 978-762-4000 extension 4429 

Carol Leighton
Veterans Payments and Billing
Phone: 978-762-4000 extension 4508 

Donna Rosato
Center for Alternative Studies
Military Transcripts / Prior Learning Credit
Phone: 978-762-4000 extension 4508 

Wellness & Accessibility Services
Phone: 781-477-2134

VA Vital Team - Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership
Request an appointment with Alisa, John, or Kate

Alisa Bennet, LICSW (Thursday, Danvers Campus)
Vital Program Manager
781-983-2400  |

John Smolinsky, Psy.D (Wednesday, Danvers Campus)
Clinical Psychologist
781-824-6351  |

Kate Bartels - Psy.D (Remote)
Clinical Psychologist
781-824-2336  |

Admissions:(978) 762-4188
Director of Community Standards:(781) 477-2164
Enrollment:(978) 762-4055
ESL Hotline(978) 762-4067
IS Help Desk:(978) 762-4167
Library(978) 762-4002
Student Engagement:(781) 477-2164
Student Financial Services:(978) 762-4189
Support and Advising Center:(978) 762-4066

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