Are you a member of the National Guard, a Veteran, active military personnel, or the dependent of a Veteran? Do you want to find out if you qualify for educational benefits while attending North Shore Community College?

New or Potential Students should:


Visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website to find out if you qualify for Educational Benefits. Once you have determined your eligibility complete the education application on


Apply for Admission to the college. Please upload a pdf of your high school diploma, transcript or G.E.D. scores with your application.


Meet with NSCC Veterans Services staff to discuss your VA benefit eligibility.

North Shore Community College (NSCC) is designated as a “Veteran Friendly” institution. Student Veterans and their dependents, who submit a certificate of eligibility for Entitlement to Educational Assistance under Chapter 31 or 33, will be considered “covered individuals”. NSCC allows all “covered individuals” to enroll, attend classes and have full access to all institutional resources.

While all financial aid recipients may be entitled to borrow Direct Loans, NSCC does not and will not require a student or in particular a “covered individual” to borrow a student loan to cover their tuition and fee obligations.

NSCC identifies “covered individuals”, receiving their Chapter 31 or 33, and ensures that they are not charged late fees due to any delays in their disbursement funding from the Veterans Administration (VA).

How to use VA Education benefits at North Shore Community College

  • The veteran or other eligible beneficiary must provide a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or statement of benefit prior to the first day of classes.
  • The veteran or other eligible beneficiary must complete the Certification Request Form to have their VA educational benefits certified for the semester.
  • The veteran or other eligible beneficiary may need provide additional information necessary to properly certify their enrollment by the educational institution, such as a DD214 or Social Security/VA File number or any other supporting documentation.
  • The veteran or other eligible beneficiary may be required to pay additional payment or fee for the amount that is not covered by the veteran or other eligible beneficiary’s VA educational benefits. (Example: Waivable Fees, or beneficiary is less than 100% eligible)

If you are in the MA National Guard or Active Duty or Reservist

  • If National Guard, apply for your tuition and fee waiver prior to the first day of classes
  • If Reserve or Active Duty, please submit your Tuition Assistance paperwork to the financial services office.

To set up an appointment to discuss benefits eligibility contact:
Kristine Babcock
Phone: 987-762-4187


Attend an Orientation and register for courses.

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