Information About College Portal and Account Setup


How do I setup my college account and enable Multi-Factor authentication?

Your college account initially needs to be setup – to set-up your account you must first obtain your college username and temporary password. Additionally, during the set-up process you must set up your second / multi-factor form of authentication. 

Set-up Your Account Instructions

Alternatively you can view the Setup Your Account Video.

What does my College account give me access to?

Your college account gives you access to the college portal which allows you to access many resources including Gmail, Navigate, Blackboard and many other services.


How do I access services through the college portal?
The College portal is a tile-based system where you can search on keywords, additionally there are categories that you can select that will display tiles and services related to that category. To access the college portal "My Northshore" visit

Portal Screen


If you are having issues, contact the Help Desk at or call (978) 762-4000

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