North Shore Community College is a leader in technology within Massachusetts' community college system offering students a broad spectrum of course-related technology services to support and enhance their academic experience.

NSCC Student Portal - MyNorthshore Portal
All students receive a campus portal account. The MyNorthshore portal provides single sign-on access to email, online learning resources (Blackboard, etc.), administrative activities (registration, schedules, online payment, etc.), Emergency Notification System sign-up, college announcements and more. Please visit to access the portal.

Academic Technology
Students may also enroll in courses where faculty have integrated technology into their courses by redesigning curricula to include new software, online access, and multimedia to enrich teaching and learning. Redesigned curricula include fully online courses that have no onsite requirements; CAT (Classroom and Technology) courses that blend the traditional classroom setting with online instruction where students might meet once a week in a college classroom and complete the rest of their weekly work online; and courses that include a variety of multimedia presentations and assignments.

Technology Across the Curriculum
NSCC also is committed to promoting faculty innovation through the The Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) program at North Shore Community College promotes academic excellence by stimulating and nurturing innovative ideas by faculty and professional staff that employ technology in support of teaching and learning. The TAC Grant competition is open to full and part-time faculty as well as professional staff at all campuses.

Environmental Technology
NSCC's state-of-the-art Health Professions & Student Services Building, the Commonwealth's first state-owned Zero Net Energy building, demonstrates on multiple levels NSCC's commitment to using the latest technology to uphold the College's commitment to sustainability. The building's green design and energy efficiency components will be integrated into course curriculum and engage students in the principles of sustainability. The green campus will serve as a classroom a "real-time" laboratory for students, faculty and the community.

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