Step 1. Download, complete, and submit the appropriate packet (or packets) below with accompanying documentation if applicable.

ADD or ADHD (pdf)
Autism or PDD (pdf)
Blind or Low Vision (pdf)
Deaf or Hard of Hearing (pdf)
Learning Disability (pdf)
Medical or Physical Disability (pdf)
Psychological Disability (pdf)
Temporary Disability (pdf)

Step 2. Schedule and attend an intake appointment with an Accessibility Counselor to discuss and request specific accommodations. 

Step 3. Receive your decision letter and activate your accommodations. 

Students can request accommodations at any point in the semester. However, we urge you to start this process early. Accommodations are not retroactive; they go into effect only after you have completed all of the steps in the process above. 

High School versus College

K-12 (IDEA) College (ADA)
Education is a RIGHT and must be provided in an appropriate environment to ALL individuals. Education is NOT A RIGHT. Students must meet certain admissions criteria defined under ADA as "otherwise qualified."
School district is responsible to identify student's disability. Students must SELF-IDENTIFY to Accessibility Services.
School districts must provide free testing, evaluation, and transportation to programs. Students must provide transportation as well as current and appropriate documentation. If the documentation is insufficient, students may obtain evaluations at their own cost.
School districts develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). No IEPs are developed in college, as there is no special education. IEPs from high school do not apply in college and need not be submitted for services.
School districts are responsible for providing all IEP supports and services. Students are responsible for activating and using approved services every semester.
Fundamental alteration of programs and curricula are required. No fundamental alterations are required.
Personal services for medical/physical disability are required. No personal services are required.

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