High school students with documented disabilities are eligible to receive accommodations while taking courses at NSCC. The student can begin the process by reading about How to Request Services and downloading the appropriate Accessibility Services Packet(s). Next, the student submits the completed packet(s) to Accessibility Services and schedules an Intake. Accommodations at the college level may differ from those at the high school level. It is important to note that the student s IEP accommodations and services do not automatically carry over to college.

High School Accommodations that are Not Available at the College Level

  • Transportation assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Escorts to and from class
  • Extensions of assignment deadlines
  • Waivers of attendance and classroom policies
  • Equipment and software for off-campus use
  • Educational or neuropsychological testing
  • Modified curriculum
  • Modifications to timelines and course expectations
  • Personal-care attendants (the student or high school is responsible for securing attendants if needed)

Students Responsibilities

  • To initiate the process of requesting and using accommodations
  • To self-advocate and communicate directly with faculty and Accessibility Services staff
  • To communicate with parents about classes and accommodations; Accessibility Services staff will communicate with parents only with the student s approval and in the student s presence; Faculty will not communicate directly with parents
  • To understand that Accessibility Services staff do not provide the same services or perform the same functions as a high school special education service providers

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