The CPT assesses the student s academic skills to determine whether the student will begin his or her program of study with college-level courses or take preparatory courses first. Students are not required to take all segments of the test on the same day.

The CPT has three segments:

  1. Math

  2. Reading

  3. Writing

The Math and Reading segments of the test are untimed.

Accommodations for the Computerized Placement Test or CPT must be requested through the Accessibility Services office at NSCC. The student must allow adequate time for the intake and accommodation review process (usually at least one week).

First, the student should begin by reading about How to Request Services and download the appropriate Accessibility Services Packet(s). Next, the student submits the completed packet(s) to Accessibility Services and schedules an Early Intake. To be approved for accommodations on the CPT, the student must meet the qualifications listed below.

Accommodations for the Math & Reading Segments of the CPT

  • If the student has dyslexia or an upper mobility disability, the student can request the Companion Test in Reading and Math. This is a paper-and-pencil test with an audio recording of the questions.

  • If the student is blind, the student can request use JAWS to take the CPT.

  • If the student has low vision, the student can request a large print version of the CPT or use Zoomtext on the CPT.

  • A personal calculator is not permitted on the CPT. According to higher education disability law, a calculator is not considered to be a reasonable accommodation for this test.

Accommodations for the Writing Segment of the CPT

If the student earns a score of 68 or higher on the Reading segment of the CPT, the student is eligible to take the Writing segment of the CPT. The student reads an essay prompt and types a five paragraph essay into a textbox on the computer. The student has one hour to complete the Writing segment of the CPT. If the student has blindness, low vision, dyslexia or a mobility disability and qualifies to take the Writing segment of the CPT,

  • The student can request to have the essay prompt read aloud.

  • The student can request to use a paper and pencil, Word document, Notepad, or Dragon Naturally Speaking to write the essay.

  • The student can request Extended Test Time.

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