First generation students just don't follow paths, they blaze them!


Ayman credits his parents for setting him on the path to higher education and instilling in him the values of a college degree — knowledge, transformation, career satisfaction, and empowerment — and Ayman committed himself to the journey.

As a first-generation student and proud son of immigrants from Morocco and Iraq, Ayman is the first in his family to graduate from college and rightly sees himself as a trailblazer with big plans for the future.

A vision and a plan

Like many high school graduates, Ayman started at a four-year university and soon realized it wasn’t the right choice to support achieving his academic, career, and personal goals.

He soon transferred into NSSC and was accepted into the Computer Science Transfer associate degree program. Ayman not only excelled academically, but served as president of the Student Government Association, STEM Club, and NSCC’s chapter of the Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence and Success organization, which is dedicated to developing and transforming educated and engaged individuals through mentorship, brotherhood, service learning, social capital and professional growth.

Driven to succeed

If attending classes and committing to multiple college enrichment activities weren’t enough, Ayman has also been accepted to Northeastern University’s Data Mining and Machine Learning Internship Program, and will be employed during the summer by NSCC’s Information Systems Department as a Computer Technician.

Artificial Intelligence or Business?

Ayman recognizes the opportunities that are now possible as a graduate of NSCC and is considering where to pursue his bachelor’s degree and hone the focus of his path to higher learning and, ultimately, into a rewarding, sustaining, and satisfying career.



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