Timothy Johnson, CPA   

Assistant Vice President, Accounting and Finance
Danvers Berry, Room 359
extension: 4044 
email: tjohnson@northshore.edu

Eileen Gerenz, CPA

Comptroller, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room 355
extension: 4503 
  • Provides leadership and management of College's financial accounting structure and systems
  • Manages the operations of the Fiscal Affairs Department
  • Ensures financial audit compliance
  • Audit liaison for NSCC
  • Develops and implements internal controls
  • Facilitates audits and prepares annual financial statements

Dennis Abruzzese, CPA

Assistant Comptroller, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room 357
extension: 4367
email: dabruzze@northshore.edu
  • Supervises daily operations related to Cash Management and Accounts Payable
  • Serves as backup to Comptroller/Assists Comptroller with Audits
  • Coordinates documentation for Fiscal Procedures
  • Provides leadership and management for College procurements
  • Fixed asset management

Olivia Countie

Buyer, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room 359
extension: 4449
email: ocountie@northshore.edu
  • Researches products and pricing to obtain best value
  • Reviews documentation to ensure NSCC Procurement Policy compliance
  • Assists faculty and staff with procurement process
  • Coordinates and assists Auxiliary Services with product returns
  • Maintains NSCC vendor files

Accountant II - Open position

Accountant II - Accounts Payable, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room 359
  • Reviews and processes vendor invoices for payment
  • Processes Accounts Payable checks for vendors and students
  • PCARD administration

Lorraine Jones

General Receipts Accountant, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room 359
extension: 4570
email: ljones@northshore.edu
  • Receives, reviews and prepares deposits for all College receipts
  • Processes accounting for College departmental revenue
  • Facilitates non-sufficient payments with College departments
  • Coordinates and processes funds transferred from all NSCC departments
  • Reviews and prepares payments for Student Health Insurance and MASSPIRG

Financial Analyst - Open Position

Financial Analyst, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room DB-323A
  • Provides leadership and management to fiscal and grants accounting areas
  • Administrator and trainer for Banner Finance module
  • Finance lead for payroll distributions and interface
  • Ensures compliance of Uniform Guidance/Super Circular
  • Fiscal, Budget and Grant report writer

Dana Kyminas            

Grants Accountant, Fiscal Affairs
Danvers Berry, Room DB-323
extension: 4504
email: dkyminas@northshore.edu
  • Grants and outside entity contract accounting
  • Ensures grant budgetary compliance
  • Facilitates fiscal grant audits
  • Completes and submits cost control reports to respective grantors
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