Richard Reney
Assistant Vice President - Facilities Operations & Services
Office: Danvers Friends 5
Phone Extension: 4040

  • Provides oversight for Facilities Operations, Campus Police, Auxiliary Services, and Food Services
  • Coordinates capital planning and project management
  • Manages environmental and energy conservation programs may


Jamieson Wicks
Director of Facilities
Office: Danvers Friends 2
Phone Extension: 4286

  • Manages preventative maintenance and online building service request system
  • Compiles reports for internal use, state agencies and external parties
  • Manages projects, short and long term facilities planning
  • Directs activities of Facilities Operations


James Politano
Associate Director - Maintenance Operations
Office: Danvers Friends 4
Phone Extension: 4041

  • Manages building systems and ground operations
  • Overseas trade maintenance staff
  • Coordinates snow removal services


Timothy Godzik
Associate Director, Building Services & Operations
Office: Danvers Friends 1
Phone Extension: 4039

  • Manages custodial operations and campus cleanliness standards
  • Overseas custodial maintenance staff
  • Manages facility reservations
  • Coordinates snow removal activities


Anne LeBlanc
Project Manager
Office: Danvers Friends 3
Phone Extension: 4371

  • Manages contract documents, project specifications, bidding and project oversight
  • Updates campus signage
  • Maintains blueprints and facility documentation


Richard Passeri
Project Manager
Office: Danvers Friends 6
Phone Extension: 4089

  • Liaison for new construction and capital projects
  • Coordinates lease agreements and space requirements
  • Provides oversight for sustainability projects


Energy Manager
Office: Danvers Friends 6
Phone Extension: 4075

  • Manages and operates Energy Management Systems
  • Monitors energy consumption, utility rates and renewable energy production
  • Analyzes all utilities data and develops forecasts and reports


Nicholas Rudolph
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Office: MS 201C  
Phone Extension: 4320

  • Overseas Facilities Department hazardous waste removal
  • Provides EH&S training
  • Manages all DEP & EPA reporting requirements
  • Coordinates SDS, OSHA and ADA compliance


Scott Hughey
Associate Director-Auxiliary Services
Office: DS-1128B
Phone Extension: 4037

  • Manages all activities of Auxiliary Services
  • Oversees mailroom operations
  • Coordinates college shipping and receiving, Mail processing and delivering, asset inventory, business cards, office supplies and copy services


David Cook
Chief of Campus Police
Office: Danvers Room MS-124C
Phone Extension: 2126

  • Directs and manages the Campus Police Department
  • Provides oversight for all Public Safety issues
  • Coordinates Emergency Management efforts


Cheryl Blundell
Accountant III
Office: Danvers Friends 7
Phone Extension: 4060

  • Processes Building Service Requests and dispatches staff for urgent situations
  • Processes food service and cafeteria requests, billing and payments
  • Facilities Department payroll and time keeping
  • Facilities office manager


Donna Toleos
Accountant I
Office: Danvers Friends 7
Phone Extension: 4435

  • Processes urgent building and pest control requests
  • Processes parking ticket payments, purchase orders, utility and vendor invoices
  • Administers room reservations
  • Administrates facilities web pages
  • Tracks energy usage, recycling and waste


Jo Evans
Clerical Assistant - Building Services and Operations
Office: Danvers Friends 7
Phone Extension: 4418

  • Processes Building Service Requests
  • Assists in the coordination of room reservations and campus events



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