Please follow these steps:

  1. Learn the transfer process at the College/University/Institution that you are transferring to, acquire the documentation and fill out the sections applicable to you.
  2. Complete this Intake Form
  3. Submit the appropriate completed documentation and intake form to the Director of Community Standards in any one of these options:

We require between up to 72 business hours to complete the file review, fill out the documentation and sent it out to the requested institution(s).

Please note: All completed documentation is sent via email attachment to the address we have on file. Please provide us with any specific mailing information, should you require the documentation to be sent out in any other way besides email attachment. 

The transfer admissions website for each college you are interested in transferring to should tell you which application to use. These are some examples of applications you may see during your transfer process:

Visit the transfer admissions website for each College or call the admissions department at those Colleges for application instructions, required documents, and application deadlines. 

Examples of forms the Director of Community Standards completes:

  • Common Application- Transfer College Report
  • Transfer College Report
  • Dean of Students Certification and Recommendation Form
  • College Official’s Report
  • Transfer Verification Form
  • Recommendation Form for Transfer Applicants
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