Welcome to the Campus Bookstores at North Shore Community College

The NSCC Lynn Campus Store has moved! It's now located in LW-102. This store is now selling coffee, pizza and other to-go food options. Please stop by and check it out!

All students can now buy their books on-line and have them shipped or picked them up at the Campus Stores. This includes students using their expected financial aid refunds to pay for books.

Review & Order your books on-line

Expanded rental and used textbook options are now available both online and in-store.

Textbook Rental Returns

Due to COVID-19 the textbook return rental date has been extended.

The original return deadline of May 11th has now been extended to May 21st. We are currently uncertain as to when the Campus Stores will be re-opened to the public, so we are encouraging students to return their rental books by mail. To do so, please sign into your online account and print out a shipping return label.

We extended our rental due date by 10 days to give you 5 to 7 extra days to ship your books, and enable our staff adequate time to physically check in your rentals. If you have any rentals you do not need for studying/finals please feel free to ship them in early. All packages need to have your name, email and phone number associated with your rental account inside the package. Detailed directions are below:

To initiate a rental check-in online, you must complete the following steps:

  • Two Ways to get a Rental Return Label :
    • Wait for the rental reminder email that is sent 14 days before your rental due date. Email is sent again seven days, three days, and the day of your due date. This email contains a link to generate a free return shipping label and packing slip.
    • Or you can immediately generate a free return shipping label by logging into your account on https://www.bkstr.com/northshorestore/home:
      1. Click the Sign In link on the top right side of the page to sign into your account.
      2. Enter the email address you provided at the register or online when you rented. If you don’t know your password, you can click Forgot Password link for a temporary password to be emailed to you.
      3. Once you’ve signed in, click the link “Rentals”. You will be navigated to the Rentals page in your account.
      4. On the Rentals page, scroll down the page to see the books you rented. Click the link “Return All Rentals by Mail”. You can also click the button “Return by Mail”. Both open a popup to select your rentals to ship back.
      5. Follow the steps to generate and print the return label and packing slip. This option is available until your rental due date of May 26, 2020.
      6. Bring the package to any FedEx Ground shipping location.
    • Note: Students must include the packing list with the books and affix the FedEx shipping label to the outside of the box. If the student does not provide the packing list in the package, it can delay the rental check-in process at the store.

Danvers Campus Store contact information
Email: nscc@bkstr.com
Telephone: 978-762-4046
Fax: 978-762-4024
Store Manager: Shawn Cronin

Lynn Campus Store contact information
Email: nscclynn@bkstr.com
Telephone: 781-477-2127
Fax: 781-477-2183
Store Manager: Maryanne Dupuis

Lynn and Danvers Bookstore Hours

Both bookstores will be closed to the public until further notice. 

However, we will be fulfilling ALL online order for textbooks and merchandise DAILY.

ALL ground shipping will be FREE!

For assistance please contact the stores via email:

Lynn Bookstore: nscclynn@bkstr.com 

Danvers Bookstore: nscc@bkstr.com 

To purchase books online or contact the Campus Bookstores, please visit the online web store.


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