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Corporate and Professional Education has many options to engage with our students all year long. Many of our courses will be on-site at either our Danvers or Lynn campus. Others are available online. Types of courses range from Health Care to Information Technology, Business, Landscaping, and many more.

A COVID-19 VACCINATION IS REQUIRED for students attending in-person classes for Fall 2022 and for anyone coming to campus for in-person services.

Students registering for non-credit on-campus courses for the Fall 2022 semester must provide proof of vaccination. Students who are ready to comply with this mandate can email proof they are fully vaccinated to

We will continue to offer "live remote" and "online" classes with your favorite instructors, and new instructors.  Our educational partners, ProTrain, ed2go, Cengage, and Condensed Curriculum International have expand and revise their digital learning curriculum just for you.

Select Programs Offered FREE OF CHARGE to Eligible Students

We are excited to be able to offer the following FREE training opportunities to those who qualify! Yes, FREE absolutely no cost to the student, all we ask for is your time and commitment! Click on each training to learn more.



Now is the time to prepare for a rewarding, well-paying career in advanced manufacturing. Next class begins in Summer 2023. Click here to take your first step towards Advanced Manufacturing Training.

Contact Susan Ryan for more information.
Telephone:  978-236-1240


This program prepares you for a career in health care by introducing you to health care at the entry level. Nurse Assistants and Home Health Aides provide direct care to patients in hospitals, long term care facilities and in the home setting. Direct care includes taking vital signs, moving and turning patients, personal care basics such as bathing and feeding, record keeping and responding to emergencies. Training includes preparation for the State Board exam to become certified, along with certifications in Home Health Aide, CPR, and CMS Hand in Hand Dementia Training. You will also receive clinical experience in a local nursing facility with Nurse instructors. This free program for eligible students not only covers the course fee but also covers the fee for taking the State certification exam, along with textbooks, scrubs, two stipends and more.

Contact Denise Deschamps for more information.
Telephone:  978-236-1203


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health defines CHWs as public health workers who apply their unique understanding of the experience, language and/or culture of the populations they serve in order to carry out one or more of the following roles:

  • Providing culturally appropriate health education, information and outreach in community-based settings, such as homes, schools, clinics, shelters, local businesses and community centers
  • Bridging and/or culturally mediating between individuals, communities and health and human services, including actively building individual and community capacity
  • Assisting people to access the services they need
  • Providing direct services, such as informal counseling, social support, care coordination and health screenings
  • Advocating for individual and community needs

This training program has been developed to align with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s recommended ten core competencies for CHW’s.

Contact Denise Deschamps for more information.
Telephone:  978-236-1203


This program includes three distinct courses:  CompTIA IT Fundamentals; CompTIA A+, and; Cyber Safe.  These courses will prepare you to help staff solve problems with their hardware and software.  Types of problems can range from security compliance considerations to upgrading, repairing, optimizing performance and performing preventative maintenance.

This free program for eligible students not only covers the fee for all three distinct courses, it also includes textbooks, certifications exam fees and more. 

Contact Denise Deschamps for more information.
Telephone:  978-236-1203

Unemployed? or Underemployed?

When job search alone does not lead to employment, MassHire can use funds available through grants or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds to assist eligible job seekers to obtain needed skills or credentials to return to work Contact your local MassHire Career Center for more information.

Download the Training Opportunities Program (TOP) guide here.

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Train with your favorite NSCC instructors

In the classroom or live remote learning using Blackboard, Zoom, Google Classroom and other platforms. Interact with your instructors and classmates as you continue your certificate program or try a new course.

Live online and hybrid courses

A combination of real-time instruction and self-paced coursework. This course structure allows you to build bonds with instructors and classmates, ask questions and receive answers in real time or within an anticipated schedule.


Classes that flex with your schedule, but still provide assistance when needed. This course structure allows you to plan study time around your day, and balance work and family commitments with your schedule.

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