Trio students in front of First Gen screen

Back Row: Angel Tibrey, David Brito, Berthony Joseph, Navifer Morel, Joyce Wang  Front Row: Jiandaliz Hernandez, Johellytz Aviles, Keyanni Darling, Daniel De Oliveria, Estefanie Fuentes, Natalie Aleman, Ethie Thaw


Nine TRIO students and staff from North Shore Community College participated in the recent 11th Annual First Gen Summit at Babson College, which was partially sponsored by NSCC.

The First Gen Summit provides a space where first-gen students and their allies can come together to identify problems, discuss grassroots solutions, and share what’s working on their campuses. First and foremost, organizers seek to find solutions identified by students who can work with their staff, administrator, and faculty allies to create change.

NSCC’s team was led by Dr. Natalie Aleman, NSCC’s Dean of Academic and Student Development, herself a first-generation professional, who also presented on the importance of mentorship for first-gen students of color, and Joyce Wang, Director of NSCC’s TRIO/Student Support Services.

“The Summit shed light on the unique challenges and triumphs we face, while providing a platform for networking, skill-building, and personal growth. It was truly an enlightening and empowering experience. One of the highlights for me was connecting with North Shore Community College TRIO students who also attended. TRIO programs have played a significant role in supporting and guiding first-gen students throughout their educational journeys. “I want to give a huge shout out to all the NSCC TRIO students for their resilience and determination! Their stories and experiences inspire me,” Dr. Aleman said.

She added, “Attending this summit was a reminder of the immense strength and potential that lies within the first-generation college student community. We have overcome numerous obstacles to pursue higher education, and this conference was a testament to our collective power and ability to thrive. Together, we can continue to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and pave the way for future generations.”

The First Gen Summit was envisioned by Adj Marshall in the fall of 2012 as a place for first-generation college students to come together to define and design new ways of viewing the First Gen label in contrast to the generally applied deficit lens. The very first Summit was held in the Spring of 2013 with just 40 attendees. Today the First Gen Summit brings together between 200-300 students and allies each year.

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