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NSCC President William Heineman is pleased to announce that 41 NSCC students were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa’s International Honor Society at a recent ceremony held at NSCC’s Lynn Campus.

Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor society for students at two-year colleges who exhibit outstanding academic performance throughout each semester. To be invited for membership, students must be enrolled in a degree program with a minimum of 12 credits and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.7.  NSCC is affiliated with the nationwide organization through its own chapter, Alpha Lambda Kappa.

The following students were inducted:

Kaley Bates, Sheyla Berrido, Michelle Bracco, Karla Bruner, Alicia Burke, Joseph Conley, Kathrine Cormier, Jennifer Cuartas, Cameran Davis, Amanda Dias, Jillian Dowd, Jillian Fisher, Anthonee Flynn, Angel Garcia, Ryan Goggin, Karen Hanlon, Bouchaib Jarir, , Michael Lewis, Tammy Macomber, Jacqueline Medina, Steven Mobilia, Gisela Mooney, Jason Negri, Bruna Oliveira, Matthew Patrie, Albert Peckham, Lillian Pinard, Kareem Radwan, Michelle Rigano, Ezequiel Rodrigues, Eriana Rojas, Taylor Stanewicz, Lily Strzepek, Nadine Thenstead, Fabio Tomagnini, Alejandra Torres, Stacey Valencia, Lesley Vanbuskirk, Kristina Walker, Veronica Wenzel, Susan Whitelocks

Congratulations, all!!


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