Natalie Aleman 2Dr. Natalie Aleman, formerly of New York, will become North Shore Community College’s Dean of Academic and Student Development in April.

Born to immigrant parents from Ecuador, Dr. Aleman is not only a first-generation American, but also a first-generation college student. She says she is passionate about working with and assisting diverse student populations and that her drive comes from providing educational access to all students and supporting them in their academic endeavors.

Throughout her 10+ years in education, she has held roles that have primarily supported the academic development of historically underrepresented student populations. She believes that ALL students should feel a sense of belonging within their higher education environments and that their participation in the academic conversation and community is invaluable.

“I was interested in this position because I find it very powerful when we are who we serve. Given my background, I can see myself in every single student that I will have the honor to work with at NSCC. It is at this type of institution, which provides a unique and strong foundation for student engagement and support, that I believe I will feel the most sense of belonging,” Dr. Aleman said.  

“I am pleased to welcome Dr. Natalie Aleman as our inaugural Dean of Academic and Student Development,” said Provost Dr. Jennifer Mezquita.  Dr. Aleman will be responsible for creating a comprehensive student experience designed to promote belonging, well-being, and academic achievement for our diverse student body at NSCC. I am inspired by her exceptional higher education experience of serving minoritized students with passion and excellence. I look forward to introducing Dr. Aleman, a proud first-generation community college graduate, to our students, faculty, staff and our community.   

Dr. Aleman received an Associate of Arts Magna Cum Laude in English from Warren County Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in English at the College of New Jersey, a Master of Arts in Teaching from Drew University, and a Doctorate of Educational Leadership in Higher Education from Manhattanville College.

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