NSCC is excited to launch its first set of dual language-supported courses for the Spring 2022 semester. These courses are designed specifically to ensure greater access and equity to higher education for bilingual, Spanish-speaking students.

Developed under Perkins grant-funding, the three inaugural courses (PSY102: Introduction to Psychology, SOC106: Introduction to Sociology, and ALH186: Medical Terminology) are designed specifically for students entering health career pathways but are open to all NSCC students. 

Dual language-supported courses will be offered in two modalities:

Fully-bilingual Spanish courses: Instruction will be 50% in English and 50% in Spanish. Lectures and class discussions will be carried out primarily in Spanish and assessment activities will be available in both languages. Students will be able to select their preferred language to complete the course work.

Spanish-supported courses: The primary instructional modality for course delivery is English. However, assignments are scaffolded and supported by a bilingual professor. The course is ideal for Spanish-speaking students who do not feel confident taking a course fully in English and for Spanish-speaking students who have completed the ESL program but would like additional language support. 

To register or for more information go to Centro Hub, NSCC’s virtual campus, at Centro Hub

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