The North Shore Community College Board of Trustees voted Tuesday night to retain tuition and fees at FY21 levels for FY22.

The recommendation came from Interim President Dr. Nate Bryant. “Given the Covid challenges our students have faced and continue to face, and the implications on their academics, families and work, adding an additional burden of increased fees would make it increasingly difficult to meet their educational goals.  At this time, NSCC is in a financial position where an increase in tuition and fees is not warranted.”

Board members agreed and the motion passed unanimously.

FY21 tuition and fees total $223.  Thus, a full-time student, taking 15 credits for 2 semesters, would pay $6,690 in tuition and general fees. Eligible students also will continue to receive over $20 million in federal, state, private, and college-funded financial aid in FY22. College-funded financial aid, primarily scholarships and grants, has been increased by $71,000 or 13 percent over the last five years. In addition, NSCC has disbursed $2,534,732 to students in COVID-related funding.

“While NSCC and other public higher education institutions face revenue shortages due to pandemic-related financial challenges, we need to do everything within our power to ensure high quality education is within financial reach of our students, and that they can retain and complete their academic goals,” Bryant added.

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