COVID-19 Update from President Gentile, May 08, 2020


Greetings NSCC Students and Community,

I hope you are doing well and still complying with safe social distancing, wearing masks when you go out, and keeping up with your studies.  I also hope this email finds you and yours healthy.  We are saddened when we hear of the health and economic challenges you are facing and hope to be a support for you in these very difficult times.  Please let us know how you are doing and use the webpage to find college resources that you can count on for that help.

We have had over 300 applications to date for the CARES Act federal funding we have been distributing to enrolled NSCC students.  Have you checked that resource out?  See here.  If you don’t apply, your information won’t be reviewed and you won’t receive potential help.  So, apply! You never know what could result, unless you take the time to apply.

Couple other items you might be interested in knowing:

  • Due to COVID-19 the textbook return rental date has been extended. The original return deadline of May 11th has now been extended to May 21st. We are currently uncertain as to when the Campus Stores will be re-opened to the public, so we are encouraging students to return their rental books by mail. To do so, please sign into your online account and print out a shipping return label.  Please go to this link for more information:
  • Our virtual commencement planning continues along. Luis Navarro has been selected as our Student Soloist (you may have met him through the Student Club focusing on music); Larissa Louissaint is our student speaker (she has served on SGA, President of the Multicultural Club) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is our keynote speaker (you may have voted for her for US Senate or recently in the Democratic Primary for President of the USA).  It’s a fabulous program!  This ceremony will feature you, the graduate!  If you are graduating, you will receive an email asking for you to submit a picture or a very short video to our vendor, StageClip, through their portal.  By mid-May you will receive a package with a cap, tassel and gown as a gift from the College.  You need to complete the cap and gown form to allow the bookstore to mail your regalia to you.  You can find all this information on the college’s web page
  • For a week or so, the Fall 2020 course schedule will be down in order for the schedule to be revised to support safe learning for our students and faculty in a COVID-19 environment. You will be receiving an announcement as soon as the new Fall 2020 course schedule is updated and ready for viewing.  If you have already registered, you will be getting notification of any changes to your specific schedule.  Stay tuned!

As this very challenging and historic spring semester comes to an end, I applaud you for all your hard work, tenacity and good humor in sticking with us.  Thank you – I hope your semester has been helpful to your learning journey and we all look forward to continuing with all of you who have not yet completed your program.  We are here for you, working hard alongside you for your success, and grateful that you have chosen North Shore Community College as your college.

--Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D.,President

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