Coronavirus Update from President Gentile, March 30


Greetings Students and North Shore Community,

This note is to check in and see how you are doing! 

We have started our second and final phase of continuing classroom-based spring semester courses in a remote option today.  If you are a student and are unsure of what’s happening with your course, please check in with your faculty member – their contact information is in your syllabus or you can look them up on the College’s website for Faculty & Staff Directory at

Or, if you are still unsure what’s going on with your course/program, use this link that has main numbers and how to contact a NSCC advisor:

Many of our students have lost their job due to COVID-19, or know someone who has.  There are virtual town halls on unemployment benefits being run by the MA Department of Unemployment Assistance that might be helpful in understanding unemployment benefits and you can sign up at the following link:

Our student leaders in the Student Government Association (SGA) continue to be active on our students’ behalf.  They send you this update:

To the Student Body,

We, the Student Government Association (SGA), wanted to take this chance to reach out and send some encouragement to each and every student attending NSCC. From all of us in the SGA, we hope you are doing well in the midst of these difficult times. Each and every one of us has been affected in so many ways. Calls for social distancing, whether that means we have had to transition to remote learning, lost income, added family responsibilities, or simply not had a regular routine each day can create many unexpected challenges.

Please know that, as a Student Government, we are here to listen to and support you in any way that we are able. During times like these, it can be easy to feel saddened, anxious, and confused. Please know that as an organization, NSCC has been working diligently to help everyone transition through the changes as smoothly as possible.  We are a community, and we will get through all this together. Feel free to reach out to us via email at If you are experiencing unexpected hardships, we would encourage you to check out the here to help page to find out about some of the many resources NSCC offers.

Stay safe and be healthy.


The Student Government Association

(President Davíd Smith, Student Trustee Jamie Perry, VP-Chief of staff Larissa Louissaint, VP Seth Grosz)

Finally, we have had many requests come through our Here To Help page and our staff are working as quickly as possible to review and process those requests.  We have reached out to our College Foundation to request more resources to assist you.

If any potential donors are reading this advisory, we’d be very grateful for your help.  You can donate at    Your gift goes directly to help our students; neither the foundation nor the college takes any percentage of your gift to underwrite institutional or fundraising expenses. 

Keep in touch with us and let us know what challenges you are facing in completing your spring semester.  We’re truly here to help.

--Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D.,President

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