Coronavirus Update from President Gentile, March 19


Greeting Students and North Shore Community,

I will start this advisory with a correction from yesterday’s advisory to you that many of you caught and emailed me about.  The paragraph that needs correction was:

CORRECTION: We are working quickly to transition face-to-face courses to remote options.  By remote options we are not only including online, it could also be correspondence, it could be simulcasting, use of other technologies, or other strategies.  Some of these course restarts may be ready for next Monday, March 23 and others may not be ready until Monday, May 30. [this was meant to be MARCH 30, not May 30] Your instructor and the Academic Office will be getting specific information on YOUR course(s) transition to a remote learning experience to you as soon as possible.

Spring Break ends on Monday, March 23, 2020, and as described below, many classes (not all) resume that day:

  • Current online courses will resume instruction on 3/23 and run until 5/11.

  • Current hybrid courses are being updated to include additional remote learning; most will resume instruction on 3/23 and run until 5/11. 

  • Current face-to-face courses are being reviewed by faculty and adjusted to more remote learning options. In some cases, these courses will resume as a totally remote based course on 3/23. For those face-to-face courses that need more time for the faculty to create the rest of the semester in a more remote learning environment, they resume remote instruction the week of 3/30 and time will be made up through remote instruction with courses ending 5/11.

  • Be on the lookout for course specific communications from your faculty member and the Academic Affairs Office by 3/20.

In addition, we have to suspend our open hours for students tomorrow, Friday March 20.  Originally scheduled from 9 AM - 1 PM, we need to cancel those hours.  We are gearing up to better serve you when Spring Break is over next week.  Please remain as patient and flexible as you have been with all these changes.

We do have staff working in remote fashion tomorrow eager to serve you.  Please use the following phone numbers if you need help:

Main Number:  978-762-4000

Enrollment:  978-762-4055

Support and Advising Center:  978-762-4066

Admissions:  978-762-4188

Student Financial Services:  978-762-4189

IS Help Desk:  978-762-4167

If you have a specific person you want to speak to - it’s best to use their email and you can find that on our website Faculty and Staff Directory. Go to the home website page:

On that home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the link under the last column entitled:  Institution, click on Faculty & Staff Directory. Or, you can click on this link: directory/index.html 

I appreciate hearing from you and try to respond quickly when you email me.  If I don’t know the answer to your inquiry, I forward your email to the right folks who can.  We appreciate how scary this all is and are truly dedicated to helping your continued education at NSCC as smooth as possible.  

Thank you for choosing to enroll and study with this great college!

--Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D.,President

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