(LS)2 Liberal Studies Lecture Series, presented by Dr. Dien Ho and Professor Bonnie Ashmore

Wednesday, November 6, 12:30-1:45 p.m., Danvers Campus, DS119


photo of ls2 lecture series graphicA common criticism of the medical profession has been the lack of empathy from doctors. Although competent on technical skills and scientific knowledge, some healthcare providers may lack the narrative competence to create an empathetic relationship with their patients. The integration of the humanities into the medical practice helps to create narrative medicine.

Professor Ashmore and Dr. Ho will be discussing the intersection of medicine and the humanities and specifically how it impacted their collaboration in creating the cover for Dr. Ho’s book.

Dien Ho is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Healthcare Ethics at MCPHS University in Boston.  He is also the Director for the Center for Health Humanities.  In addition to researching in the area of healthcare ethics and philosophy of medicine, Dr. Ho is an avid cyclist and an aficionado of all things zombie.

Bonnie Ashmore is a full-time faculty member in NSCC’s Fine Arts/Visual Studies program.  She is a member of Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA and has shown her work in many group and solo shows in New England, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Florida and Nova Scotia, Canada.

For more information, email ckeebaugh@northshore.edu or kkaufman@northshore.edu

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