Salem State dorm roomNorth Shore Community College (NSCC) students will get to experience the benefits of residence life at Salem State University (SSU) in a new pilot program which will provide a predefined number of students an opportunity to live in SSU residence halls while they take courses and earn academic credit at NSCC.

While SSU and NSCC have long-standing articulation agreements that are intended to ease transfer pathways for NSCC students going on to SSU, both institutions felt more could be done to create a seamless experience. 

NSCC, like most community colleges, does not offer student housing.  Living on SSU’s campus will provide students with experiences and opportunities that can only be realized by living at SSU, such as facilities, programs and services.

The pilot program will place up to 10 first-year, full-time NSCC students in traditional-style double spaces and up to 12 returning NSCC students in apartment-style housing.  Students will be required to sign a housing contract that outlines certain expectations and requirements.  Students will pay the SSU housing fee and will be offered other (à la carte) amenities such as meal plans and on-campus parking for additional fees.  Students need to make arrangements by June 30, 2019.

“It will be interesting to see how our students react to this pilot program. We know there are some who are interested in having a full on-campus experience. We also hope that the option will appeal to students in some of our more unique programs, such as aviation science. We are one of only two programs in the state and now with a housing option can pull interested students from farther away,” said Dr. Patricia A. Gentile, NSCC president.

The pilot is part of a growing strategic partnership which includes researching greater collaboration in the areas of academics, admissions, enrollment, student activities, facilities, and housing, as well as the possibility for shared services.

“Offering North Shore Community College students opportunities to live in Salem State’s residence halls is an important part of our Seamless Pathways Partnership,” said Salem State University President John Keenan. “This is another valuable way to connect NSCC students with our campus community, while also allowing them the many benefits of living on campus. I look forward to welcoming these students.”

For information or to register, please contact SSU Residence at 978-542-6416 or email

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