The Cooperative Education/Internship relationship between student and employer enables a company to meet immediate employment needs with motivated and competent NSCC students! Cooperative Education/Internship placements also allow employers to screen and recruit students for permanent career positions. Many of North Shore Community College s graduating students accept permanent positions with the same company they worked at as a student intern.

Some students do not receive compensation, however, some students do. For those companies offering compensation, the rate of compensation should be discussed directly with the student. The same factors that influence a cooperative education/internship placement may also affect the rate of compensation; namely, a student s ability to travel out of the immediate locality, academic major, grade point average, etc.

The cooperative education/internship coordinators attempt to ensure that internship salaries are competitive with marketplace wages. However, no attempt is made to establish or control compensation rates.

Wages earned on Cooperative Education/Internship jobs are subject to federal and state taxes, as well as social security deductions.

Most conditions of employment can and should be determined prior to accepting a position. These conditions include the location of the assignment, method and cost of transportation, daily travel time, nature of the work environment, physical setting, required work hours and rate of compensation.

Time off from work must be approved by employers. It is the supervisor s responsibility to discuss the work schedule with the student intern upon hire. College closings due to inclement weather, holiday observations or scheduled vacations or breaks do not exempt student interns from reporting to work.

Students are prohibited from resigning from a cooperative education/internship position prior to completing the 120-work hours required in the COP202 course. Exceptions must be discussed in advance with a Cooperative Education/Internship Coordinator and the Faculty Coordinator. If the resignation request is justified, a Cooperative Education/Internship Coordinator will contact the employer on behalf of the student. Students will not be referred to another internship site if this policy is disregarded. Students who are fired must notify a Cooperative Education/Internship Coordinator immediately. Referral to another Cooperative Education/Internship employer will depend on extenuating circumstances.

North Shore Community College students who have paid for the Student Health and Accident Plan have insurance coverage while on the job. Those not protected by the College s health plan should be certain their own health insurance policy covers the workplace.

Employers have the legal right to administer drug and alcohol tests before and during employment, as long as the company makes its policy of substance abuse known to employees. It is within a company s right not to hire applicants whose tests indicate the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in their systems.

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