Ahn Dao Tran Moseman

"I became a productive and contributing US citizen because of my professors at NSCC."

Ahn Dao Tran Moseman

Ahn Dao Tran Moseman

Ahn Dao Thi Tran (now Ahn Dao Tran Moseman) was almost 20 years old when she came to the United States as a refugee from Vietnam with her family. None of the five siblings or their mom spoke English, and their Dad, a prisoner of war, remained behind.

Fast forward 29 years. The family is reunited and the Tran siblings are tremendously successful US Citizens, having earned the most advanced degrees in Engineering and Nursing. Ahn Dao, who went on to earn a Ph. D in Chemical Engineering, has enjoyed a successful career in the Pharmaceutical industry.

"North Shore Community College (NSCC) offered me the freedom to learn and challenge myself to do my best. I was nurtured by tremendous educators, such as Professor John Nelson who taught me that English was nothing to fear and two English as a Second Language (ESL) professors, Elaine O'Brien and Helen Graham, who took her into the community to learn life skills.

Her Professor Frank Day taught her to love chemistry and when she told her advisor, Nancy Terry that she wanted to be a Chemist and work in a research lab, she was encouraged and ultimately decided to pursue a Chemical Engineering degree.

Now Dean of Math & Science Nancy Alberto was Ahn Dao's advisor/ counselor during her days as a NSCC pre-engineering student. "She not only supported and mentored me throughout the transfer application process to a 4-year university, but she took me on college visits," Anh Dao, who chose Tufts University, said.

She graduated from Tufts with a Chemical Engineering degree in 1992 and credits Nancy's mentorship with creating her own dedication to women in non-traditional fields in current competitive work places. "In 1997, I accepted a management position at my company and since then, my principle of good leadership is taking time and effort to mentor and coach others with the hope of bringing out the best in them. I feel that I have become a productive and contributing US citizen because of my professors at NSCC."

In 2010 Ahn Dao Tran Moseman was presented the Distinguished Alumni Award by NSCC's Alumni Association.

This year, Anh Dao became a very generous donor to the NSCC Foundation's Scholarship Program when she established two scholarships. The first, an endowed scholarship called the Tran Phan Family Scholarship will benefit students in any of the 11 Health Professions programs offered at NSCC.

The second one, called the "Uncommon Leader Scholarship Fund" was established in honor of her siblings and will support students in Engineering Science Transfer, Pre-Engineering, English as a Second Language, Bridges to the Stars and Health Professions programs. Applicants will have to demonstrate at least one of the following characteristics: leadership, perseverance, courage, commitment and willingness to pursue success.

"Each of these personal traits were selected because they represent the characteristics demonstrated by my siblings who became very successful in their personal and professional careers, in their journeys of self-discovery and in their pursuits. I decided to become a scholarship donor because I remember how difficult it was for my mom, my siblings and I to pursue our new life and good education in America. However, we could not have made it through without the consistent help and support from our church sponsors (the Holy Trinity Methodist Church in Danvers, MA) and the educators at North Shore Community College. For that reason, I wanted to give back whatever I can so other students with similar challenges can start their new lives."

She decided to support programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) because when her daughter was a third grader, she said to Anh Dao that math was too hard and that it was only for the boys to learn. "I reassured her that she, too, has the capability to learn and master this topic. However it does take some hard work, a will to accept new challenge and never give up in believing yourself. My daughter is now pursuing a Biochemistry degree."I hope recipients of the two scholarships share my vision that "No one should give up in pursuing a good education for themself and/or for their children. That is what my parents taught us."

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