Featured Experts

Meet Ginny M

As a learning and development consultant, Ginny designs and delivers learning solutions for developing professional skills, focusing on the role of the leader. Building effective working relations is the goal of her programs, which include communication and presentation skills, customer service, teambuilding and performance management. Ginny holds a BS in Education from Bridgewater State College and an MS in Training & Development from Lesley University.

Meet Celia

A dynamic and content rich speaker, Celia brings over thirty years' experience as an executive and an educator. Her presentations covering topics such as leadership, performance and accountability, building customer loyalty, and team dynamics are based on real life experiences and proven practices. A frequent speaker with global business experience, Celia uses her extensive theater background to entertain while sharing ideas and techniques that can be used immediately. Her energy and humor engage every audience and she takes them to the next level of learning and action. Celia has a BA in Education from Florida State University and an MFA in Theater Arts from Emerson College.

Meet Betsy

Betsy is a "learn-at-work" trainer and coach with over thirty years experience. Her expertise and focus is on leadership, management, communications and workplace development. Client relationships include business, service, government and government-related, manufacturing, and healthcare organizations. She has long facilitated programs for Corporate Training Solutions at NSCC, Lockheed Martin, Brigham and Women s Hospital, and the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute. Betsy has numerous professional certifications including DiSC, TQM, Certified Coach, Human Resource Professional, and many others.