All students enrolled in the NSCC Aviation Science Professional Pilot Program must meet the Transportation Security Administration's requirements. Due to increased sensitivity of national security risks at flight training institutions, all flight students are required by the TSA to verify their citizenship status prior to beginning any flight training.

U.S. Citizens:
To comply with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, before a U.S. citizen can begin flight training toward an initial FAA pilot certificate, a flight instructor employed by Beverly Flight Center (BFC) must verify that person's citizenship. The student is required to contact his/her BFC flight instructor immediately for assistance with this process. The list of acceptable documents for this process is listed on the TSA's website

Resident Aliens, VISA Holders and Non-U.S. Citizens:
If a student is a Resident Alien, VISA Holder, or a Non-U.S. Citizen, the student must undergo a registration process with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) prior to beginning any flight training with the Beverly Flight Center (BFC). The student is responsible for beginning this process by registering online with the TSA, and must contact his/her BFC flight instructor immediately for assistance with the TSA registration process. Due to the amount of information required by the TSA, this process may take several weeks before the TSA issues the student an authorization to begin flight training.

Therefore, timely initiation of the process is critical to minimizing delays in the student's ability to start flying. It is strongly recommended that students begin this process at least one month prior to the planned start of their flight training.

In addition to registering with TSA prior to beginning any flight training with BFC, the student is also required to appropriately maintain his/her TSA registration for the duration of his/her flight training. This includes the yearly renewal of a registration, renewing a registration prior to commencing training for a new certificate or rating, and any other applicable TSA registration requirements.

TSA registration information for Resident Aliens, VISA Holders and Non-U.S. Citizens can be accessed via this portion of the TSA web site

Further Information
For more information regarding TSA regulations, students should contact their flight instructor. Additional information is available by contacting the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA's) Pilot Information Center at 1-800-USA-AOPA. Any questions about the Alien Student Flight Program (AFSP) may also be directed to the AFSP Help Desk at (571) 203-8470 or

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