Advanced Advisement Information: FALL 2023

Persons considering and/or seeking fall 2023 application are highly encouraged to enroll in as many of the OTA Program's general education course requirements as possible prior to entering the OTA Program. These courses can be taken in advance during the 2022-2023 academic years (including summer sessions) and include Composition 1 and 2; Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2; General Psychology; and Human Growth and Development [must be a lifespan development course from birth to death]. ALL of these six general education courses are pre-admission requirements for the accelerated option of study but are also recommendations for the traditional option of study [especially if students must balance part-time work and family responsibilities along with the rigors of the OTA courses]. In addition, although not a program requirement for any option of study within the OTA Program, students are advised to enroll in NSCC's PSY 212: Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences as well as MAT 143: Introduction to Statistics in order to enhance ability to read and understand research articles. Medical Terminology and Sociology are other non-required courses that can be valuable to learning within the OTA curriculum.

The Fall 2023 OTA Application: Each applicant for fall 2023 must complete every step as outlined here and submit a completed application by the published due date. The 2023 admission application link can be found at the bottom of this page.


Virtual Mandatory Information Sessions are part of the application process. Every applicant must attend a mandatory OTA Program Information Session as part of the application process. OTA Program information sessions are different than other general health advising sessions offered by the college. One OTA Program information session is scheduled virtually each month throughout the academic year from August through May.

The dates and times of all OTA information sessions can also be accessed through the link below. It is in a potential applicant's best interest to come to one of the earliest sessions possible as the admissions process is reviewed and clarified, and important program information is shared.

OTA Information Sessions for Fall 2023 


Official transfer credit review of general education courses is conducted by authorized staff within the Enrollment and Student Records office (Registrar's office). Students wishing to transfer courses into NSCC from another academic institution are advised to review the criteria, policy and procedure for obtaining approval of transfer credit posted on the Registrar's office web pageOfficial transfer credit review of occupational therapy courses is conducted by the OTA Department Chair in collaboration with authorized staff within the Registrar's office. Students wishing to be reviewed for occupational therapy coursework must submit course syllabi and materials, learning objectives, completed assignments and evaluations of student performance, including but not limited to lab skills and fieldwork evaluations. 



All options of study within the OTA Program are day programs. OTA courses are offered during the day only - students must be able to commit to a day-time schedule Monday-Friday.



Fall 2023 requirements for the OTA program application to be considered for admissions may be found by here


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