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SGA is the official voice of the student body. The Association encourages self-government, promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students, faculty, and the administration. The Student Government Executive Board consists of a President, Vice President, Student Trustee and Vice Presidents of Communications, Finance, Academics,  and Culture/Inclusion.

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We are actively recruiting for members to join our team for the 2021/2022 Academic Year. If you have interest in exploring a position with the Student Government, check out our position descriptions, please email with interest or questions

2021/2022 Student Government Association


Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones

Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones is currently running as the Student Body President at North Shore Community College.She uses the pronouns she, her, and hers. Aside from being a student at NSCC she currently works as the Sales and Services Manager at a swim school for children and is the founder of Grassroots Brookline.Grassroots Brookline is an organization that puts together country-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives including Juneteenth events, PRIDE Marches, and Disability Awareness Walks. These events include educational opportunities to continually support the furtherance of inclusivity in education, workplaces, and communities not only in her hometown of Brookline, MA but across the nation. With professional experience , volunteering with non-profit organizations ,diversity advisory committees and as the Vice President of Culture and Inclusion at North Shore Community College, she has earned a reputation as a pillar in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion capable of bringing about and maintaining true, positive change.

 This past year has been one like no other. As a society we watched in horror as our everyday lives were halted due to the pandemic and the tragedies that followed it. Distance learning,high rates of unemployment and scarce resources has pointed out the economic and educational gaps in many of the lives of NSCC students. One of her main goals as your next president will be to assist in the reduction of personal and class expenses as it pertains to your education. In addition to this she will work hard to make sure that the wants and needs of students AND faculty are met and amplified. She doesn't only believe in speaking change but most of all making it happen. She wants you to know that as President YOU the student body will be her main priority. 

Student Trustee

My name is Yuleika Lluveres and I was born in Beverly Massachusetts but I was raised and have lived in Lynn, Massachusetts my whole life. My parents are from two different parts of the Dominican Republic. My mother is from the south and my father is from the north. As a Lynn native, my parents never shied away from my Dominican culture. Lynn is a beautiful place where you can meet all different kinds of people that are from different countries, different cultures, and especially different backgrounds. I went to Connery Elementary School. I had gone to Breed Middle School for one year and then I had transferred over to Marshall Middle School. I then attended Lynn English High School and Graduated in 2016. 

I first started at NSCC in the year of 2017. As a first-time college student, it was very challenging but hectic at the same time. Once I had gotten used to college and the daily tasks it became rewarding as my time at NSCC kept expanding. I am currently in the Health Science pathway. My realistic plan is to complete the Health Science Degree and get into the Respiratory Care Program. My dream job is to become the best Respiratory Care therapist that I can be. I’ve had asthma since I was 2 years old and I can teach all of you what my doctors have taught me since then. I am highly motivated and driven for my dream career  not only because I am asthmatic but because I love having the gift of teaching others and letting my story be told. I am currently the chapter President of the National Society of Leadership and Success at NSCC with the help of my astonishing advisor Amanda and my marvelous executive board. I am a part of the DAPI organization, and a part of the eye-opening things coming into NSCC with the student panels that have given me enough and outstanding knowledge and I hope that other students are receiving the same knowledge. 

As the student trustee of the Student Government Association, I will make sure that all students' voices are heard. Their voices need to be heard not only because they are students, but because they are the future change of NSCC. Students need to be able to have that comfort zone that they can come to the association expressing their needs and concerns. I do not want students to feel frightened about coming to talk to me and the SGA executive board about anything. I will make sure that we are all on the same page and update them on everything that is happening. I intend to make sure that students who speak a different language than their peers have the reassurance that they are not alone or overwhelmed because of a language barrier nor the fear that no one will understand them. My goal as the student trustee may be looked at from different perspectives but change starts with one person wanting to make a difference. Students can be a part of an outstanding change that will change the minds of all faculty, professors, the college president, and other students' perspectives on many many unique and mindful changes. 

I have learned and developed a plethora of leadership skills here at NSCC. Becoming a member of a Student Leadership Chapter here was never something that I thought I could accomplish. NSLS has become my place of nurture because it has helped me grow into someone that my past self would look up to. NSLS has shown me from becoming a secretary on the executive board to then being elected student president of the NSLS chapter that I am qualified to take up any higher leadership position. I have mastered the ability to know what students are comfortable with and learned how they like being treated. Most importantly, how each individual is unique in their way. The ability to learn from others is the willingness to have the trait of having compassion towards students and others. Ever since I spoke up for myself, I know that I can do absolutely anything when it comes to helping the North Shore Community College Community. I am no longer afraid of emailing a professor or even talking to a higher position faculty because having my voice heard has helped me gain the confidence that today I now have.

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Vice President of Culture & Inclusion

My name is Aya Mohamed, and this is my third semester at North Shore Community College. I was born in Syria and moved to my hometown in Sudan two years later. My family did not make it a habit to stay in one area. From Sudan to Indonesia, Nigeria, and then the US, I met people with different ideas and cultural beliefs. As I respected their way of life, they welcomed and respected mine too. I adapted some of their practices and learned to understand their traditions. Enrolling in many international schools also allowed me to meet people from various, distinctive backgrounds. I was always curious about their heritage, so naturally, I was inquisitive and unconsciously developed a high degree of cultural competence.

 I moved to the US in December 2019. It was specifically challenging for me to settle in a new country while Covid-19 quickly developed into a pandemic. After taking my courses on campus for two months, I was forced to go online, which made me feel alone and disconnected. I started to think of ways to reach more students and teachers. I joined the music club, where I met amazingly talented people. Eventually, I grew intrigued by the student government association because it is the perfect ground to reach both the faculty and the student body. Also, serving in the student government association as Vice President of Culture and Inclusion would allow me to bring people together and welcome diversity, something I am very passionate about.

As vice president of culture and inclusion, I want to be that friendly face that welcomes people from all over the world. I want to listen to people with different backgrounds, values, and beliefs and create initiatives that make everyone feel heard and included. Because in the end, it does not matter where you are from, what you look like, or what language you speak. What matters is that we do not let our differences keep us apart but use them to bring us together.

Aya Mohamed

General Assembly Meetings

The Student Government Association has bi-weekly General Assembly Meetings that are open for attendance by any members of the North Shore Community College Community. The list of General Assembly Meeting dates is below, simply click the link to join at the appropriate time:

Spring 2022 General Assembly Meeting Dates

Monday, Feb 7 - 3:00PM
Monday, Feb 28 - 3:00PM
Monday, March 21 - 3:00PM
Monday, April 4 - 3:00PM
Monday, April 25 - 3:00PM
Monday, May 9 - 3:00PM

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