Lifestyle Redesign: Steps for Enhancing Wellness

A workshop series presented by the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.

NSCC's Occupational Therapy Assistant faculty and students present a series of interactive personal wellness workshops focused on the concept of lifestyle redesign. These workshops will help individuals to enhance their quality of life through small steps or changes in one’s daily life. The materials and resource guides from these workshops will be available for interested individuals after every workshop.

Time Management for Creating Effective Routines.

Establish skills to utilize time productively and efficiently. Develop a balance between life, work and school through effective routines and healthy habits. 

Click here to review the Time Management Guide!


Stress Management as a Central Component to Healthy Living.

Identifying and developing stress management techniques to incorporate into daily routines in order to live a happier and healthy life.

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Accomplishment of Daily tasks Through Goal Setting.

Development of motivation, focus and prioritization to bolster momentum in life.

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The Importance of Sleep and Techniques to Promote a Good Night’s Sleep.

Establish a routine for obtaining a restful and quality sleep. Fall asleep faster to wake more energized.

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Healthy Relationships and Techniques for Fostering Effective Interpersonal Communication. 

Utilizing communications skills as a pathway to create and improve interpersonal relationships of any kind. 

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