NBCOT Certification Examination Performance

For information pertaining to the most recent performance results of NSCC OTA graduates on the national certification examination please visit this secure NBCOT link.

2018 - 2020 Graduation Data

Graduation Year Students Entering/Graduating Graduation Rate
2020 37/15 41% ** (COVID disruption)
2019 28/26 93%
2018 28/26 93%
TOTAL 93/67 72% ** (COVID disruption 2020)


** Note: COVID-19 Pandemic prevented completion of Level II FW for 20 of the 37 students who were intending to graduate in 2020 with graduation now expected in 2021.  Two of the initially enrolled 37 students withdrew from the program before COVID.  The remaining 15 students graduated in 2020.

Additional Information

Further information about certification exam performance, employment rates and clinical performance of graduates as evaluated by employers is available upon request by contacting:

Maureen Nardella
Department Chair, OTA Program
Phone: 978-762-4176
Email: maureen.nardella@northshore.edu

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