All culinary arts courses require uniforms. The uniforms can be purchased in the Danvers Main Campus Book Store or at Simons Uniforms, 329 Lynnway (route 1A), Lynn, MA 01901. Students need 2 pairs of black & white chef pants (Red Cap PC54WB); 2 white flat button chef coats (Red Cap 0400WH)- The chef coats need to be embroidered in dark blue block letters over the pocket with NSCC Culinary; 2 white aprons (1430WH); 1 adjustable cotton chef hat (Red Cap HP60WH); 2 men's white oxford or woman's white oxford, long sleeve dress shirt (Edward 1070-00 or 5070-00); 2 pairs of black dress pants. The dress shirt band pants are needed for CFS 108 and CFS 116. The chef uniform is needed for all cooking and baking courses.

The cooking and baking courses require all students bring a standardized knife kit. Knife kits can also be purchased at the book store in Danvers or at Bucci & Sons, 260 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180. Knife kits are needed for all cooking and baking courses.

The uniforms and knife kits are needed on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Students will not permitted in the kitchen or bakeshop without the proper uniform and cannot cook or bake without knives.

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