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North Shore Community College

NSCC's Wireless Network

NSCC Wireless Access Is Changing

On Wednesday, January 15 new features will be enabled providing convenience and enhanced security for the NSCC wireless network. Important: How you access the NSCC wireless network will change slightly beginning Wednesday, January 15.

Enhancements include:

  • From any device, IPhone, iPad, Netbook, laptop, etc. you only need to log in one time per day, per device, per campus
  • Additional security encryption measures enabled for wireless data

Instructions to Access the Wireless Network

  1. The NSCC wireless network name has changed from W1R3L355@N5CC to NSCCwireless – Connect your device(s) to the newly named NSCCwireless network.
  2. The first time connecting to the NSCCwireless network a new form will display asking for either a network security passphrase or password – Dependent on the device you are using the form prompts for a network security key or password and may look similar to the two examples below. The password / network security key for all users is northshore (all in lower case). Note: This step only needs to be done one time per device – remember the security key / passphrase at this initial form is northshore and not your campus pipeline username or password.
  3. Windows Laptop example
    Network security key example for Windows laptop
    iPad example
    Network security key example for ipad
  4. You are now ready to login to the network with your Campus Pipeline Credentials. Important: (1) Open up a web browser and load any page – at this point the wireless login page will display. (2) Registered users must enter their Campus Pipeline credentials; Guest users should click on the Guest Login button. (3) You must also check the "agree to terms of service" button prior to selecting the login button – see examples below for both NSCC and Guest Users:

    Registered Users
    Login example for registered users

    Guest Users
    Login example for guest users
  5. Once you login it takes approximately 15-20 seconds for the login process to the wireless network to complete.
  6. The next time you use the device you only need to open a browser and load a page (start at step 3 above)

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