Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is granted for comparable course work completed at other accredited institutions of higher education at a "C" level or better provided that course content relates to a student's program of study.

Other ways in which a student may be eligible for transfer credit is through credit by examination. For more information regarding credit by examination, please contact the Center of Alternative Studies and Educational Testing.

For information about transferring from NSCC to another institution, visit Transfer Services.


Contact your previous college(s) and request official transcripts be sent to NSCC:
Enrollment & Student Records
North Shore Community College
1 Ferncroft Road Danvers, MA 01923

Upon receipt of your official transcript(s), we will evaluate your coursework. Once evaluated, you will receive written notification of the courses for which you were granted transfer credit.

NOTE: There is a separate process for transferring courses from a foreign college or university.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you accept for transfer credits?
Generally, transfer credit is granted for equivalent course work completed at institutions of higher education that are accredited by an accrediting agency or state approval agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, and in which a final grade of "C (2.0)" or better is earned. There are some exceptions. For example, some Academic Programs have specific requirements for the granting of transfer credit for core professional courses (such as nursing courses or paralegal courses).

How does my transfer credit apply to my Program of Study?
When transfer credit is granted, it is given an NSCC course code. For example, if you took a course entitled General Psychology at another College and it is transferred in, it will appear on your NSCC transcript with our course code, PSY102 with a grade of "T" for transfer. If PSY102 is listed on your program of study sheet, then it applies to your program.

NOTE: Transferred courses are transcribed with a grade of "T," not the grade you received at the other college. Transferred courses are not included in the calculation of your grade point average.

Why didn't a course transfer into NSCC?

  • You didn't receive a final grade of "C" or higher.
  • The course(s) is not equivalent to NSCC course(s).
  • You received a grade of "P" for passing (unless the transcript defines P as being a C or higher, it will not transfer into NSCC. You will need to get documentation from the College that the final grade was a C or higher).
  • The course(s) was taken at a non-accredited College
  • The course did not apply to your Program of Study
  • You are not matriculated (enrolled) in a Program of Study

How can I appeal my transfer credit award?
If you are questioning the credit transferred into NSCC, please review the above information. These are some of the common reasons why you did not receive transfer credit. If you determine that none of these reasons apply and wish to appeal your transfer credit award, please email In the e-mail, include the following: the name of the course; the course description; the College/University where it was taken; and why you are requesting the transfer credit. This information will be forwarded to a committee of transfer credit evaluators for re-evaluation. You will receive a decision via your College e-mail account within two weeks of receipt of your e-mail containing all the required information.

I want to take a course at another College and transfer it into NSCC. How do I get prior approval to do so?
You must e-mail the name of the College where you will be taking the course, the course code, and the course description to You will receive an e-mail response to within two weeks with a decision or requesting further information to complete the evaluation for prior approval.

I sent in my transcript for evaluation and never heard anything
We need an official transcript to evaluate transfer credit. If you sent an unofficial transcript, you will not receive transfer credit until you submit an official transcript (see above for instructions to do so).

How long does it take to evaluate an official transcript?
We always strive to perform the evaluation as quickly as possible. However, the evaluation times vary according to the time of year. Generally, it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks from when we receive the official transcript to when we notify you regarding what transferred into NSCC. Although every effort is made to ensure timely evaluations year-round, the volume of transcripts requiring evaluation increases during busy registration periods, thereby, impacting evaluation turnaround-times. If you need a transcript evaluated, submit it as soon as possible to ensure a timely evaluation so that you and an advisor can determine the appropriate course selection for you.

Will the courses that I take at NSCC transfer to another College?
This is solely up to the College that you are transferring to from NSCC. You should contact the other College directly to determine how you can have your questions answered. If you are part of the Joint Admission Program, Peter Monaco may be able to assist you with these questions. Please visit the Transfer Services page for further information.

How many credits may I transfer into NSCC?
Students must meet our residency requirement, which means that a minimum of 25% of your program of study must be completed at North Shore Community College. This applies to both degree and certificate programs. All remaining credits may be transfer credits.

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