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All students must submit a graduation application (pdf) in order to be considered for graduation.

Once the application has been submitted, an official evaluation will be done by the registrar's office to confirm that all graduation requirements have been satisfied. It takes approximately four weeks for an application to be processed.

Graduation diplomas are issued three times per year (January, May, and August), however, a commencement ceremony is held only once per year (May).

To ensure your name appears in the May commencement program, you must submit your graduation application by February 15. For more information on commencement, please see our commencement pages.

For further information contact the Associate Registrar at (978) 762-4000 x4487 or mpotocza@northshore.edu.



1. Earned at least 60 hours of college-level credit with GPA of 2.0 or higher;
2. Completed at least 15 semester hours of work at North Shore Community College;
3. Met the particular detailed career course and grading requirements in the curriculum selected;
4. Met all other specific requirements set by the College, including math and communications proficiencies.

Additional Associate's Degree
A graduate or prospective graduate of the College may apply for an additional associate's degree. Each applicant will be given equal consideration with applicants who have never attended the College. Each application will be treated on its individual merits. Normally, credit will be given for previously earned North Shore Community College credits, which are applicable to the requirements of the additional degree program. The students must meet all specific degree requirements of the program for which a second associate's degree will be granted. A minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours must be taken beyond the first degree.

1. Complete all course requirements with a GPA of 2.0 or higher;
2. Completed at least 25% of coursework at North Shore Community College
3. Met all other specific requirements set by the College, including math and communications proficiencies.

Commencement Honors are awarded to students who have completed degree or certificate requirements with a cumulative College-Level GPA of 3.30 or higher according to the following scale:

3.30 - 3.69 qualifies a student for honors
3.70 - 3.89 qualifies a student for high honors
3.90 - 4.0 qualifies a student for highest honors

In addition, those graduating with honors are required to have earned at least 50% of their required credits in residence at North Shore Community College.

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