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North Shore Community College

Supporting students outside the classroom.

We are committed to your educational access and achievement. We want to help with food security, real-life priorities, caring for family, paying bills, or finding reliable transportation.

Food Security & Healthy Living
NSCC’s monthly mobile food markets and student discounts to Metro North of YMCA.

Real Life Priorities
Assistance with support of occasional or emergency situations.

NSCC-Uber Ride, MBTA Youth-Pass


Food Security & Healthy Living

Essential Needs is Here to Help!
Students who need assistance accessing resources for Housing, SNAP, Utility Assistance, MassHealth Enrollment, MassHealth Recertification, Emergency Food, navigating social services agencies & more are encouraged to email Katherine Josey at Essentialneeds@northshore.edu

Essential Needs Intake Form

YMCA Student Membership
Discount enrollment closes 9/12/17
NSCC students can now join the YMCA Metro North at a reduced-rate membership. Students have full access to all YMCA of Metro North branches including the Lynn YMCA, Torigian Family YMCA (Peabody), Saugus Family YMCA and Melrose Family YMCA.

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Preventing student hunger on campus
NSCC provides meal vouchers to currently enrolled NSCC students who are experiencing food insecurity. This resource is confidential for students, with NSCC staff available to assist students with identifying additional resources as needed. Vouchers are available through:

Student Health Services: Danvers Campus: DB-108 • Lynn Campus: LW-126
Student Support & Advising: Danvers Campus: DH-160 • Lynn Campus: LS-134

Mobile Food Markets
Free farmers market-style distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables. Open to the entire college community. One-time registration online or stop by Student Health Services in Lynn or Danvers.

Second Thursday of every month: October 12th, November 9th and December 14th from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Mobile Food Market sign-up

More info on food assistance >


Real Life Priorities

NSCC is here to help.
Help can come in many ways, depending on the student and the situation. It could be an advance on your expected financial aid, an MBTA T-Pass, gas or food cards, or a small grant. If rent, transportation or other issues are impacting your success, then completing our Here to Help application will allow us to look at the best way to help you!

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NSCC-Uber Ride offers students safe and reliable reduced-fare rides. Currently registered NSCC students can ride to and from the Danvers Campus or Middleton location from the North Shore Mall or Beverly Depot with a $10 discount on rides. Students can also ride between the Danvers Campus and Middleton location.

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Wheelchair Accessible Transportation
For students needing accessible transportation get to class, NSCC has contracted with Beaumont Ambulance Service to provide rides from the same pick-up/drop-off locations and for the same cost as an NSCC-Uber Ride. Students must provide a current student ID and their Pipeline email address to BAS service provider upon pick-up.

More Accessibility Resources
Need a ride now? Call Beauport Ambulance Service at (800) 563-7798

MBTA Youth Pass
Many NSCC students are eligible for an MBTA Youth Pass. Passes can be used at MBTA Fare Vending Machines or Retail Sales Terminals to purchase a reduced price LinkPass for $30 a month. You must be a North Shore Resident, who is not attending middle or high school, age 25 or younger. For those 19-25 you must also be enrolled in one of MBTA's accepted GED or job training program, or state or federal benefit program. For more information, contact youthpass@northshore.edu.

NSCC Youth Pass Intake Form
MBTA trip planner

Experiencing financial hardship with transportation?

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