You don’t have to wait to begin your college experience. NSCC’s Early College Partnership and Dual Enrollment Program allows qualified high school and home-schooled students like you to earn college credit while completing high school graduation requirements.

Early College Partnership Program at Lynn

Lynn Public School students can take college courses while in high school at our Lynn campus.  Start early at NSCC and go far!

Spring 2019 Information

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Early College Application

Accuplacer Information

NSCC’s Early College Program now includes other school districts. Contact  us for more for more information:

Susan Curry
Danvers Campus, Room DB317

Eileen Mieses
Early College Pathway Coach
Lynn Campus, Room LE-329


Dual Enrollment

Similar to Early College, NSCC’s Dual Enrollment Program lets high school or home-schooled students take college courses to finish requirements for a high school diploma or for personal enrichment purposes. Students should work with their guidance counselor to determine course selection based on the student’s academic skill level and educational goals.

Dual Enrollment

Gateway to College

Behind on credits, but still want to graduate high school on time? The Gateway to College program at NSCC can help you earn the credits you meet your diploma goal.

Gateway to College

Other Ways to Earn College Credit

You can also earn credit by taking certain technical classes while in high school, or by taking advanced exams in specific fields. Choose which option is right for you.

Articulated Credits

AP Credits

CLEP Exam Credits