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North Shore Community College

Early College Experiences for High School Students

About Early College

Motivated high school and home school students don’t have to wait to begin their college experience. The Early College Program at North Shore Community College allows qualified high school and home-schooled students to earn college credit while completing high school graduation requirements in a variety of ways.

What is Early College?

Early College is a combination college credit options that allows high school students to earn college credits, including a post-secondary certificate or degree in a career pathway or liberal arts, while they simultaneously achieve their high school diploma.

Students can earn Early College credits in several ways:

  1. Dual enrollment in college courses that are offered at the high school, on the college campus or online.
  2. Transfer of approved course credits from high school course work to North Shore Community College.
  3. AP credits from high school courses with a successful AP exam score.
  4. A qualifying score on a CLEP® (College-Level Examination Program) Exam.

Why Early College?

Students place less often into developmental education when they transition into higher education.
Students accelerate their learning in a field of interest.
Students gain a sense of belonging in higher education.
Students earn early college credit at a reduced cost, making higher education attainmentmore affordable.
Students tend to enroll full-timein higher education and complete their degree at a higher rate.

Early College Students Graduate, Attend College at Higher Rates

Using the federal definition of four-year graduation:
90 PERCENT of early college students graduate high school vs. the national rate of 78 percent

Plus, it costs them less time and money to earn a postsecondary credential
94 PERCENT of early college graduates earn some college credit for free;
The average grad earns 38 COLLEGE CREDITS, saving:

  • 30 percent off a Bachelor's degree; or
  • 60 percent off an Associate degree.

Nearly one-quarter of students actualy earn degrees by the time they finish high school:
30 PERCENT of graduates at early colleges open 4+ yearshave earned an Associate or college certificate along with their high school diploma!

The next semester after graduation early college:
71 PERCENT of graduates enroll in college vs. the national rate of 68 percent.

SOURCE: Early College Design Service, Jobs for the Future

Accuplacer assessment

Accuplacer assessment is a computerized placement test required of all entering students at Massachusetts public colleges and universities to determine mathematics and communications proficiencies and ensure appropriate placement into courses.

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