The high cost of commercial print textbooks is a major concern for both students and their parents. To address these concerns, NSCC started an Open Textbook Initiative in the Spring of 2015. The Open Textbook Initiative is a program that encourages the use of existing low-cost or free information resources to support our students' learning. 

Courses at NSCC using OER materials are designated in the Find Courses search on the College's website with the note: "This course uses textbooks and course materials that are available at no or low cost." 

The following courses meet that criteria: 

Animal Science
ANS104 - Breed ID, Professor C. Watkins

BIO100 - Current Topics in Biology, All Sections
BIO100 - Current Topics in Biology, Professor D. Davis*
BIO212 - Anatomy & Physiology 2, Professor R. Gottlieb

CMP101 - Composition 1, Professor W. Lang*
CMP101 - Composition 1, Professor S. Noyes*
CMP101 - Composition 1, Professor W. Pothier-Hill*
CMP101 - Composition 1, Professor D. Santos*
CMP101 - Composition 1, Professor R. Vautour*
CMP101 - Composition 1, Professor K. Yanchus*
CMP102 - Composition 2, Professor J. Burt
CMP112 - Composition 2: The Short Story, Professor T. Whitney
CMP120 - Composition 2: Mass Media in Communications, Professor A. Sears

Computer Science
CPS124 - Web Fluency, Professor S. Carriker
CPS170 - Database Theory and Applications, Professor A. Hassan

Criminal Justice
CRJ208 - Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, Professor R. Roesler

Drug and Alcohol Rehab
DRG101 - Addiction and Society, Professor S. Chisholm
DRG106 - Addiction Prevention, Professor S. Chisholm
DRG201 - Individual Counseling for Addiction, Professor S. Chisholm*

Environmental Studies
EVS102 - Introduction to Sustainable Living, Professor D. Davis
EVS104 - Exploring the Landscape of Sustainability, Professor B. Heath
EVS112 - Protecting and Managing Water Resources, Professor K. Mackin
EVS114 - Environmental Policy, Professor K. Mackin

First Year Foundational Literacy
FFL100 - First Year Experience, Professor D. Santos
FFL100 - First Year Experience, Professor D. Cady Arbeau*
FFL100 - First Year Experience, Professor W. Pothier-Hill

HIS104 - U.S. History 2, Professor N. Chio
HIS124 - African-American History, Professor N. Chio
HIS126 - The World in the 20th Century, Professor L. Davis
HIS131 - World History 1 (face to face only), Professor N. Chio
HIS131 - World History 1, Professor K. Kaufman
HIS132 - World History 2, Professor L. Davis
HIS132 - World History 2, Professor N. Chio
HIS132 - World History 2, Professor K. Kaufman*
HIS132 - World History 2, Professor R. Lavoie
HIS136 - The History of Sexuality, Professor K. Kaufman
HIS200 - The Holocaust, Professor L. Davis

Human Services
HUS140 - Introduction to Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Care, Professor E. Gilmore

Interdisciplinary Studies
IDS142 - Global Conflicts and Human Behavior, Professor L. Davis*
IDS172 - Secrets, Sins, and Salem, Professor T. Whitney

LIT206 - World Literature 1, Professor T. Whitney*
LIT210 - American Literature 1, Professor C. Keebaugh

MAT110 - Mathematics Literacy, Professor C. Noftle
MAT110 - Mathematics Literacy, Professor T. Fang
MAT140 - Liberal Arts Mathematics, Professor W. Jackson
MAT143 - Introduction to Statistics, Professor J. Warren
MAT143 - Introduction to Statistics, Professor T. Fang

Mental Health
MEH105 - Introduction to Mental Health Work, Professor B. Ciaramella

PHI116 - Ethics, Professor F. Altieri

Political Science
PLS102 - American National Government and Politics, Professor A. Burt
PLS106 - Introduction to International Politics, Professor N. Chio

PSY102 - Introductory Psychology, Professor M. Vazquez
PSY102 - Introductory Psychology, Professor S. Graham
PSY102 - Introductory Psychology (face to face only), Professor K. Erbetta
PSY204 - Human Growth and Development, Professor M. Vazquez

SOC106 - Introduction to Sociology, Professor A. Murphy
SOC202 - Race, Gender, and Class, Professor C. Marin
SOC206 - Social Problems in a Globalized Word, Professor C. Marin

SPN100 - Conversational Spanish, Professor P. Godfrey*
SPN101A - Elementary Spanish 1: for the Health Professional, Professor I. Fernandez*
SPN201 - Intermediate Spanish 1, Professor I. Fernandez
SPN202 - Intermediate Spanish 2, Professor I. Fernandez

SPE102 - Speech, Professor J. Greene*
SPE102 - Speech, Professor S. Raftey-Patton
SPE102 - Speech, Professor A. Sears

*This course uses textbooks and course materials that are available at a low cost.

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